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The TOP 3 Things You Can Do As You Prepare Your Home for Sale

The summer home buying season is upon us and lots of homes in the Sacramento area are getting ready to be listed. If you're planning to sell your Sacramento home this year, preparing your home to sell is just as important as setting an asking price.

In fact, we'd argue that these steps are far more important given that what you do BEFORE you place your home on the market "sets the stage" for how your home sale will play out.

Here are the TOP 3 things to do as you prepare your home to be listed:

1. Declutter and Clean

Now is the time to get rid of unwanted items, as well as, those that should have been replaced or upgraded a long time ago. In addition to donating items to charity, consider recycling and giving items away to the neighbors. Next, you should give your home a deep clean, paying special attention to the windows, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Make sure to clean up outdoors as well by power washing exteriors, raking leaves, clearing away old outdoor furniture.

2. Make Small Repairs

Take care of any small repairs namely those that you can do yourself. Fix leaking faucets, replace caulking, freshen up and repair tile grout, repair the walls, fix cracked or broken windows and damaged window screens, and replace burned-out lightbulbs.

3. Pre-listing Consultation

A pre-listing consultation with a Sacramento home stager offers the opportunity for you to learn how to maximize your home's selling potential in order to get it ready to sell quickly and for top dollar. You will receive a list of actionable improvements for the entire property, both inside and out, that you can and should implement before placing your home on the market.

Are you overwhelmed now and not sure where to start or what to make a priority on your to-do list?

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